Pre-98 Bubba – Private ACMPR (Good value gas!)

Great value gas, packaged in September hence the lower price but kept in sealed bags stored in temperature controlled room. Still in good condition with a gassy nose and a hard hitting indica high. Enjoy and #StayElyvated

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Brace yourselves for the one and only Pre 98 Bubba – the OG powerhouse that’s about to take your cannabis journey to a whole new dimension! It’s like a blast from the past with Pre 98 Bubba – a lineage that’s so legendary, it’s like cannabis royalty reclaiming its throne. The fem seeds are like a family reunion of epic proportions, with Pre 98 Bubba Clone meeting Pre 98 Bubba S1 for a celebration of flavor and magic! But hold onto your buds, because it doesn’t stop there! With a yield that’s as impressive as a surprise party and a flowering time that’s quicker than a drumroll (55 days), Pre 98 Bubba is here to light up your life in record time. Are pain, stress, and insomnia your unwelcome guests? Say hello to your new superhero squad – Pre 98 Bubba is here to save the day with its sleep-inducing, hunger-boosting, and relaxation-unleashing effects. And let’s not forget the symphony of scents and flavors that accompany this cannabis wonder. Imagine the perfect blend of nag Champa, hash, and chocolate coffee, creating an aroma that’s like a treasure chest of delights for your senses. So, are you ready to party like it’s 1998 with Pre 98 Bubba? Get ready for a cannabis experience that’s like a time machine to the golden age of relaxation and delight. Let’s toast to the past, the present, and the incredible journey of Pre 98 Bubba!



Shipping in Ontario $15, rest of Canada $20.

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