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14g Pink Goo LSO (BBCF), 14g Predator Pink (BBCF), 28g Predator Pink (BBCF), 56g Predator Pink (BBCF), 14g Monkey Mints Mediums (BBCF), 7g Mike Tyson OG (Bubba Kings), 7g MK Ultra (Grease Godz), 7g Pink Candy Smalls (Terpy Vibes), 14g Dosi Breath, 28g Dosi Breath, 56g Dosi Breath, 112g Dosi Breath, 7g Citrus Drip Smalls (Blondie Grows/Island Quads), 14g Pink Coast LSO, 14g Platinum Pine Tar (Private ACMPR), 14g Pink Cookies (Captain's Pink), 28g Pink Cookies (Captain's Pink), 56g Pink Cookies (Captain's Pink), 112g Pink Cookies (Captain's Pink), 14g Pinkman Goo (BBCF), 28g Pinkman Goo (BBCF), 56g Pinkman Goo (BBCF), 112g Pinkman Goo (BBCF), 14g Pink God LSO (BBCF), 14g Pink Star (Private ACMPR), 14g Pink Rozay (BBCF), 7g Pink Rockstar Mediums (Terpy Vibes), 7g Lizard Pink (Bernie), 14g Lizard Pink (Bernie), 7g Monkey Mints Mediums (BBCF), 14g Master Kush Ultra LSO (Terpy Vibes), 7g Funky Charms ( Kingsmen Crew), 7g Pink Goo Mediums LSO (Terpy Vibes), 14g Ice Cream Cake (Private ACMPR), 14g Jealousy (Headwater), 14g Gelato Bean (Private ACMPR), 7g Gary Satan (Kingsmen Crew), 14g Gelatti (Natty Roots), 14g Greasy Pink LSO (Terpy Vibes), 14g Greasy Pink (Terpy Vibes), 14g Dirty Natty (Natty Roots), 7g Death Bubba (mediums), 7g Comatose Pink (Terpy Vibes), 14g Comatose Pink (Terpy Vibes), 7g Double Death Bubba (Terpy Vibes), 14g Double Death Bubba (Terpy Vibes), 14g Banana OG (Luna West), 14g Super Soil Jet Fuel Gelato (Gastown), 14g Tom Ford Pink LSO (Quad Zaza), 14g Biz #2, 14g Sour Banana OG #5 (Luna West), 7g Banana OG (Luna West), 7g The Biz #2 (Kingsmen Crew), 14g The Biz #2 (Kingsmen Crew), 7g White Truffle (Kingsmen Crew), 14g Pink Goo (GG), 7g Pink Goo (GG), 7g Unicorn Factory, 14g Platinum Pine tar (Terpy Vibes), 7g Platinum Pine Tar (Terpy Vibes), 14g Pink Caviar (Beautiful BC Flowers), 14g Original Pink (Captains Pink), 14g Ice Cream Cake (OGK Suge), 1 oz Power (Kingsmen), 14g Power (Kingsmen), 7g Power (Kingsmen), 14g Dirty Natty (Natty Roots), 7g Animal Mints (Natty Roots), 7g Black Scout (GK Organics), 7g Black Scout (GK Organics), 14g Black Scout (GK Organics), 3.5g Cheetah Piss (Natty Roots), 14g Death Bubba (Luna West), 14g Death Bubba (Quad Zaza), 14g Khalifa Mints AAA (Headwater), 14g Midnight Runtz (Kingsmen Crew), 7g Pablo Pink (Captain's Pink), 7g Saganaki (Organic Bros), 7g Sherbadough Smalls (Luna West), 14g Sour Jamaican Lime (Terpy Vibes), 14g Space Age Cake (Paid by Pounds), 7g White Truffle (Kingsmen Crew), 14g Black Scout (GK Organics), 7g White Walker Bubba (CleanerMeds), 14g White Walker Bubba (CleanerMeds), 28g Sherbadough (Luna West), 7g Sherbadough (Luna West), 7g Rotten Fruit Romulan (Luna West), 7g Mk Ultra X Runtz (Luna West), 14g Hindu Kush LSO (Quad Zaza), 14g Mandarin Sunset (Private ACMPR), 3.5g Frosted Fruit Cake (Headwater), 28g El Chapo LSO (Terpy Vibes), 14g El Chapo LSO (Terpy Vibes), 7g El Chapo LSO (Terpy Vibes), 14g Death Bubba (Luna West), 14g Death Bubba 3.0 (Terpy Vibes), 14g Unicorn Factory, 14g Pink Panther (Private ACMPR), 7g Pink Panther (Private ACMPR), 14g Monster Pink (Private ACMPR), 14g Triangle Kush (Kingsmen Crew), 14g Kosher Kush Breath (Beautiful BC Flowers), 7g Gelato Mints (Beautiful BC Flowers), 14g Gelato Mints (Beautiful BC Flowers), 28g Gelato Mints (Beautiful BC Flowers), 56g Gelato Mints (Beautiful BC Flowers), 112g Gelato Mints (Beautiful BC Flowers), 7g Blicky (Kingsmen Crew), 14g Blicky (Kingsmen Crew), 28g Blicky (Kingsmen Crew), 56g Blicky (Kingsmen Crew), 112g Blicky (Kingsmen Crew), 7g Banana OG (Luna West), 14g Banana OG (Luna West), 28g Banana OG (Luna West), 56g Banana OG (Luna West), 112g Banana OG (Luna West), 7g Double Death
Bubba LSO (Terpy Vibes), 14g Double Death Bubba LSO (Terpy Vibes), 28g Double Death Bubba LSO (Terpy Vibes), 56g Double Death Bubba LSO (Terpy Vibes), 112g Double Death Bubba LSO (Terpy Vibes), 7g Dirty Natty (Natty Roots), 14g Dirty Natty (Natty Roots), 7g Gelatti (Natty Roots), 28g Dirty Natty (Natty Roots), 56g Dirty Natty (Natty Roots), 112g Dirty Natty (Natty Roots ), 28g Gelatti (Natty Roots), 56g Gelatti (Natty Roots), 112g Gelatti (Natty Roots), 7g Frosted Fruit Cake (Headwater Cannabis), 14g Frosted Fruit Cake (Headwater Cannabis), 28g Frosted Fruit Cake (Headwater Cannabis), 56g Frosted Fruit Cake (Headwater Cannabis), 112g Frosted Fruit Cake (Headwater Cannabis), 7g Fried Ice Cream (Headwater Cannabis), 14g Fried Ice Cream (Headwater Cannabis), 28g Fried Ice Cream (Headwater Cannabis), 56g Fried Ice Cream (Headwater Cannabis), 112g Fried Ice Cream (Headwater Cannabis), 7g Jealousy (Headwater Cannabis, 14g Jealousy (Headwater Cannabis), 28g Jealousy (Headwater Cannabis), 56g Jealousy (Headwater Cannabis), 112g Jealousy (Headwater Cannabis)

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